Ecoflora and the Community

Ecoflora Cares’ biodiversity sourced materials and ingredients are procured by ethnic and rural communities under responsible and sustainable programs. In order to do that we establish supply alliances with community-based organizations and NGOs to develop sustainable sourcing and natural resources management plans. We have worked with afro-descendent, indigenous and rural communities in different regions and ecosystems in Colombia. Ecoflora supports and fosters entrepreneurship initiatives and formalization of productive activities within these communities.


We promote the development of social and organizational processes aiming at the implementation of better and more sustainable practices in the use of natural resources under the strict criteria of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), organization of which Ecoflora is an active trading member.
Ecoflora commits to the compliance of biocommerce principles and criteria in areas related to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, fair and equitable distribution of benefits, regulation, social and environmental responsibility. We encourage the sustainable use of Colombian biodiversity as a mechanism of preserving it. Understanding the value of our natural resources means protecting them, in order to benefit from them without harming or risking nature.