What We Do

We develop natural color technologies for the food and personal care industries with emphasis on sustainable and socially responsible environmental practices

Our Values

Social and environmental responsability
Innovation and learning
How we do it
Understanding the color world

With the latest trends
We keep a constant reading on the color trends that influence the food consumption worldwide, developing in prospective and helping our clients in their innovation proceses. Just suscribe to our magazine.
Natural resources I + D
Through our expert team and our research capabilities, we develop healthy and sustainable color technologies.
In hand with our clients
With our sales and technical team, we can provide a one to one service to develop better colors for your application and industrial process.
Strategic management of intelectual property
We protect our developments in order to offer highly differenciated technologies that provide competitiveness to our clients.
Generating more unique and attractive colors to consumers
We offer you the widest color palette of the market, allowing each product to have a memorable and tasty appearence for the consumers.
Natural Colors
Get to know our color solutions!

Our Services

Natural colors development according to our clients needs
Synthetic to natural and natural to natural advice for better performance
Testing of color in food applications:

We adapt the delivery of our colors to the characteristics of our client’s industrial process
Accompaniment in industrial process testings

Contact us

Calle 80 sur 47D 65
Interior 103 Sabaneta – Colombia
(57+4) 444 89 74